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New Clients

If you are a first time client scheduled for a consultation, please do the following to ensure your time with us is as enjoyable and beneficial as possible:

Arrive Early

Your first consultation should take approximately an hour. It includes a skin evaluation and treatment. Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first.


Please print and fill out our first-time client paperwork (3 pages) prior to your first visit. This speeds up the check-in process and helps make your time with us more productive.


Click here to download the paperwork.

Note: Adobe Reader® is required to view and print the forms.


Prepare for First Visit

To help make your skin evaluation more valid and effective, please bring all of the products you use on your skin, specifically the facial area. This applies to both women and men.

Men, do not shave before your visit.

Discontinue all vitamin A products 3 days before visit.



If you have a change in schedule and must cancel, please call no later than 24 hours prior to your appointment to let us know.

Visit Us

8930 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Suite 207
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Tel: 310-313-3223

Treatments For:
  • Discoloration

  • Acne

  • Wrinkles

  • Skin Maintenance

  • Dry Skin

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