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About Us

Welcome to Fayces online store, your source for high quality skin care products.
We have products available to help:

  • reduce acne breakouts and blemishes

  • keep your skin hydrated and youthful looking

  • relieve dry sensitive skin

  • reduce ingrown hairs, razor burn/bumps resulting from shaving, waxing, electrolysis and laser hair removal

We carry high quality products such as the Circadia skin care line developed by the renowned dermatologist Dr. Pugliese – a pioneer in cosmetic research. In addition, we also carry GlyMed Plus, PFB Vanish and Bump Fighter shaving products.

All products sold here are acne-safe, therapeutic and non-irritating. Ingredients in products we sell must contribute to the overall therapeutic effect and must meet or exceed our strict requirements for purity and action.

We are continually expanding our product line and exploring new industry breakthroughs to bring you the latest technologies in paramedical skin care and non-acnogenic cosmetics.

Treating the Cause, Not the Symptoms
Fayces owner Barbara Dickens understands how the skin functions. She bases her treatments on her extensive knowledge in medical aesthetics. Most estheticians only treat the superficial symptoms (e.g., extracting blackheads). Dickens focuses on the cause of the problem rather than what's visible, providing long term preventative skin care.

Barbara Dickens, Owner of Fayces Skin Care

Barbara Dickens is a Paramedical Esthetician (P.M.E.) with over 20 years of experience providing skincare services that have produced dramatic results for her clients. She founded Fayces Skincare in 1989. She has been featured in the Los Angeles Times twice and appeared on a variety of TV (KABC Eyewitness local news) and radio (KACE 103.9) talk shows.

Mrs. Dickens has acquired extensive knowledge of skin physiology and skincare treatments by training with the leaders in the skin care industry. Barbara started her career in medical aesthetics in 1985 at the Institute of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dermatology under the guidance of its founders, Dr. William Keith and Dr. Carla Herriford. She later worked with Dr. Howard Murad – a renowned dermatologist and founder of Murad cosmetics.

Barbara has also trained with Peter T. Pugliese, M.D — founder of Circadia Cosmetics — at the Circadia Institute of Advanced Aesthetics and holds certificates in Histology of the Skin, the Science of Chemical Peeling, Understanding and Treating Hyperpigmentation, and Cosmetic Chemistry.

In addition to being a practicing skincare specialist and business owner, Mrs. Dickens is also an educator. She holds a State of California Lifetime teaching credential and has trained estheticians at Yamano Beauty College and Cerritos College.

Barbara’s goal is to use her advanced knowledge of medical esthetics to evaluate skin conditions and create effective customized skin care programs that get results.

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